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Volume No - 4     Issue No - 18

In criminal case even if delay of more then one hour in lodging the FIR gives rise to the inference that occurrence did not take place in the manner projected by the prosecution and it can also be inferred that time was consumed in making effort to give a coherent attire to the prosecution case.

2-In criminal case the accused is not entitled to benefit of doubt as a matter of grace or concession but as a matter of right.

3-In a criminal case burden of proof rests on the guilt of the accused beyond all reasonable doubt THROUGH OUT THE TRIAL.

4-Muslim ladies refused to accepted water from the hand of a preacher of Christianity since she was a Christian lady which cause altercation among the ladies of both the community. Christian lady passed some comments against Mahammed the last messenger of Allah and was prosecuted for committing blasphemy (u/s-295 of PPC).

She was sentence death penalty with one lakh fine by both the courts below. Supreme court of Pakistan acquitted relying on the Holly Qur’an which says “stand out firmly for justice as witness to Allah even as against yourself”.

Blasphemy is a serious offence but the insult of other religion is no way short of blasphemous as per Holly Qur’an.

Judgement as it is


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